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Toxin! What is it?
Toxin is a poisonous chemical in the body. It’s produce from different
things such as: Food, alcohol, smoking, drugs and stool that is left in the
colon for too long. If the Kidney & Liver is not flushing the body
properly, it will also cause a build up of toxin in the body.
Every one should flush their body at some point and
especially people with diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.
and those who practice unhealthy habits.

How harmful is toxin in the body?
It can be deadly. It will cause many sickness such as: Skin problem, some
body and mouth odor, you will notice a chemical type odor coming
from your perspiration, mouth and genitals areas. It will also cause
dizziness, poor & unhealthy blood, and especial Kidney & Liver problem.
It may also cause mood swing, stress, cancer and death.

How to remove toxin from the body!
While there are products and medication that deals only with toxin.
Always Fresh deals with toxin and other important conditions at
the same time in one product.

Body odor be gone!
No more body or stinky stool odor. Works for teens & adults
Enjoy the clean, fresh scent in your home by abolishing all body odor.
No more musky morning body odor in your home.

Always Fresh is your answer
While most internal body deodorizer works only on deodorizing
your intestine. Always Fresh strives to get to the real cause of
body odor, stress, lack of energy, mood swing along with other
symptoms of impurities and toxin that exists in the body.

Most people think that perspiration is the cause of body odor.
However, study has shown that, there are more to the problem
than perspiration.
Body odor is actually produced by a combination of anaerobic bacteria.
It’s when products are excreted from your body during exertion or
periods of raised metabolism.
Moisture and the secretions of apocrine sweat glands promote the
growth of these bacteria on the skin which result in an odor.
Perspiration itself has no particular smell.

The smell of waste products excreted by our bodies is also
affected by toxins that we have ingested or absorbed into our
In our modern environment our bodies are subjected to a host of
chemicals and toxins in our food, this also include pollution in the air.

These toxins may accumulate and reduce proper functioning of
the intestines, liver and kidneys.
These organs usually are very adept at eliminating toxic products
quickly and effectively. This clogging affects the organs of
elimination caused by bacteria and impurities in the blood. This cause
the body to have an odor and some times other symptoms.

When you use our Power Herbs Always Fresh, 100% natural internal
body deodorizer. Our product will take out toxins and impurities out
of the body leaving you with wonderful benefits. 80 Capsules per btl

Power Herbs Always Fresh   

Our products are fast acting!

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Some of the main Ingredients:
Sage, Burdock, Alfalfa, Yellow Dock, etc…

Our products are 100% all natural herbal capsule and it is jitter
free & caffeine free. Can be taken by teens, adults, people
with high blood pressure & diabetics.
It’s also safe to be taken with medication.